Art and Law in Venice: the international project organized by lawyer Lavinia Savini in cooperation with the Arbitral Chamber of Venice, lawyer Fabio Moretti and accounting and fiscal expert Roberto Spada.

The Venice Arbitration Chamber (Camera Arbitrale di Venezia) is launching a series of meetings dedicated to ART AND LAW to take place in the most famous art city in the world. With the support of highly recognised experts the multi-faceted relationship between the art and various legal subjects will be examined and discussed with a practical approach: from art collections to market players, from art restitution to regulatory constraints, from finance to taxation.
The specific subjects and dates will be:
1) Art collections, April 20, 2018
2) Market Players, May 11, 2018
3) Art restitution, June 22, 2018
4) Finance and Taxation in Art, September 21, 2018
5) Public institutions and private players in the Art world, October 19, 2018
6) Regulatory constraints and superintendencies, November 23, 2018
7) Market regulations outside Italy , January 18, 2018

The meetings will take place from 3PM to 6PM in Venice, in various extraordinary art iconic locations.

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